We are the Macklin's! We are currently expecting our first boy in October 2021. We founded Little Fruit Tree in 2015 it took us a while for us to figure out what we were doing. We loved creativity and the concept of hope but it's only recently that we have started to become more intentional and understand what our business is really about. You'll see the rainbow in many of our designs as a symbol of the hope of things to come. We love creating beautiful, affordable products that bring life and joy to families, but what we love even more is coming alongside people who are believing that there is a new season of life ahead for them. We know how difficult this life can be but we also know that there are always better days ahead. Without expecting it Little Fruit Tree has become a community of hopers who find or are believing for life after trauma. Thousands of people have written to us celebrating new life after experiencing their hardest traumas, some purchase our products in faith believing that their time of celebration will come soon. If you have experienced trauma and need encouragement we'd love to connect with you or if you are celebrating a story of new life please tell us about it we want to celebrate with you. Thanks for stopping by, and welcome to our shop of hope we hope you find something perfect for you or your loved one. 
July 21, 2021 — Stuart Macklin