Who We Are

Little Fruit Tree is a faith-based, heart-centered company that offers unique baby gifts that enrich people’s lives. More than a baby boutique, we here at Little Fruit Tree hold the belief that good things lie ahead beyond heartbreak. Through our own heartbreak of a miscarriage and 7 years of infertility, we developed our business into what it is today–goodies made with love for all babies. We’ve been overjoyed and overwhelmed to get feedback from our community. They write to us grateful to receive gifts that bring back hope into their lives. After a trauma, Little Fruit Tree’s baby goodies are a positive reminder that a bright future awaits anyone.

How We Support People Experiencing Infertility

We support people experiencing infertility a few ways. First and foremost we celebrate those having their rainbow baby with our products. Kate creates each goodie with the intention to instill hope and happiness in each receiver. Every beautiful item has a special message that brings hope and light to a baby and their caretakers. It’s important to feel that your rainbow baby is a gift and while many complicated emotions may arise, there’s always room to make the experience special.

How We Celebrate Those With Rainbow Babies

Whether it’s your rainbow baby, or you, the guardian, there’s some hope for you here at Little Fruit Tree. We uplift and celebrate those with their rainbow babies because we’ve experienced infertility as well. We know what it’s like firsthand to go through the emotional, physical and spiritual challenges of trying to conceive. It tests your faith and everything you believe. Rainbow babies are special and we try and communicate that uniqueness with the quality of our gifts. May you experience this special feeling that we do.
If you’ve experienced a loss or want to chat about infertility and your rainbow baby, feel free to reach out. We love to communicate with people and share stories. By sharing your story, you build a bridge for both of us to walk through.

The Process To Become a Brand Ambassador and How It Works

A brand ambassador is a person who represents a company, supports its ideas and services and embodies the company’s ethos. As a brand ambassador for Little Fruit Tree, you’d be one of the many faces of our company, supporting our mission and increasing awareness for what we do. With your help, we bring more smiles to more people and their rainbow babies.
You don’t need any qualifications. Only a willingness to serve.
As an advocate for Little Fruit Tree, you play a large role in sharing and raising awareness for the brand. Whether it’s on social media or via word of mouth, you’re a major voice of the company. You’re an honest portrayal of what to expect as a prospective customer, a form of customer support, and a helping hand to the brand’s growth.
The process is simple. You sign up with the link from goaffpro. We train you with all the wonderful knowledge you’ll need to get going. From there, you go out into the world with such knowledge and scream it on the rooftops (Not literally. No roofs involved here). And because you’re awesome, we pay you or the charity of your choice via Wire Transfer, PayPal or Venmo.

The Benefits of Being An Ambassador

As a brand ambassador, you get early access to new products and special discounts. So when you want that new onesie, you’ll know first and foremost before it sells out. And, you can save some of that cash with your special offer code. Serving as a brand ambassador is a great way for you to give back with minimal effort and in an exciting, creative way. You can tailor your posts or content to match your personal voice and visual aesthetic. It’s a great way to tell your own story if you so desire, or to just connect with your followers on a larger level. The possibilities for freebies, giveaways, and special offers are yours for the taking with this exclusive brand partnership. It’s a chance to help heal others while healing yourself. You don’t need to be a licensed therapist to give back to those dealing with a trauma. You can just be yourself and tell your story. That’s more than enough.
Join us on this journey as we bring hope to those experiencing infertility or having their rainbow baby. Service to your community is one way to grow deeper in faith and bring more joy in your life.
If you're interested you can sign up to become an ambassador here.  ambassador.rainbowbaby.store/create-account or you can write to us at littlefruittreehelp@gmail.com
Hope to talk soon, 
Stuart and Kate 
April 26, 2022 — Stuart Macklin