As true Disney-landers at heart, our recent travels (& now move!) to Florida has officially metamorphosed us into official Disney World-ers, and we're here for it.

We love Disney World, but are still acclimating to the reality of 100% humidity and 99 degree days. Eeesh! So here is a (non-exhaustive) list of some of the MUST HAVES for navigating Disney world with Toddlers.

10. Umbrella stroller. Link here

Why we love it: It's lightweight, compact, folds up easy (essential when boarding the parking lot trams), has a great storage on the bottom, includes an extendable canopy to keep the sun out of your little's eyes, and comes with a cupholder. Bonus! Even if your little one is on the edge of not needing one, error on the side of caution. You can always park it at the front of the park, leave it there, and go grab it when you need it in a pinch if a stroller nap suddenly enters the afternoon's itinerary.

9. Backpack. Link here

Why we love it: lightweight, includes detachable pouch, lots of space. From my personal experience, diaper bags are more of a pain than anything. No matter how cute the newest models are (and some are extravagant in quality), I can't get behind a diaper bag personally due to them being quite heavy, bulky, hard to take on/off, and generally uncomfortable. I'm team backpack ALL the way. You can fit more, it feels more comfortable, and it's versatile for more than storing diapers and backup outfits for the inevitable blow outs.

8. Stroller rain cover. Link here

Why we love it: it rains often. and in big quantities. Trust me, you'll want this to keep your little dry and ( as well as anything you can shove into the storage underneath.) Everyone wins.

7.Toddler stainless steel water bottle. Link here

Why we love it: nontoxic materials, will save you SO much money in buying water bottles. (Smartwater at disney is just a tad under $6 for one bottle. Yeah, not happening). There are lots of fill stations available throughout the park. These bottles come in cute colors as well.

6. Pipette sunscreen. Link here

Why we love it: nontoxic, easy to apply, great quality brand. There are obviously a thousand amazing sunscreens out there, we just love Pipette. We also love a spray option, it's just easier on the go and to get to tricky spots.

5. Kids antibacterial wipes. Link here

Why we love it: nontoxic (we're a fan!)  You will use these ALL. DAY. LONG. And if you're not into the habit of wiping little hands at an over-the-top rate, you will thank yourself later if you start now. Kids are cute little germ pools, and Disney is a big culprit of these cute little sicklings.

4. UV protective hat. Link here

Why we love it: sun protection is a major factor while in the sunshine state. This hat will ensure your little one won't get any burns on their little noggin. It comes in cute color options too!

3. Kids sunglasses. Link here

Why we love it: I think you're getting the drill. It's sunny. Very sunny. And these sunnies come in cute colors, are very affordable, which for us is a must because our toddler goes through about a pair every week (and a half if we're lucky). So no stress if they get lost or break. 

2. Neck-cooling towels. Link here

Why we love it: I bought these a bit apprehensively. But to my pleasant surprise, they make a WORLD of a difference. They each come with a little container, you simply fill the bottle up with water, remove the towel and shake off excessive water. It cools you off immediately. Our toddler calls it his scarf, and likes to wrap it around like a cute Parisian, as he should.

1. Hand-held fan. Link here

Why we love it: this bad boy comes in handy. Literally. It charges up with the included USB cord, the battery life is forever, it can be held, worn around the neck. If you have a little one who's more often in the stroller than walking around, go for a stroller fan that clips around the stroller bar. But for the active, little one who needs a bit of distraction while in line, etc, this is our top choice. Of course watch little hands with discretion, ensuring their safety.


This list is of course is only a great starting point. Let us know what your top items for keeping cool at Disney World are below! XO Kate


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