We want to help eliminate even a smidge of stress, so we've started a new series of COMPLETE BIRTHDAY RESOURCE POSTS.

These posts will contain links to every item to help make your planning a breeze, so that you can take in what matters most as you prepare to reflect and celebrate your little one's big day. 



This theme is incredibly playful, energetic, sweet, and celebrates the fun of childhood. It's perfect for any age and is the perfect combination of color and whimsy. It's a part of our Little Fruit Tree products. The link will send you to our complete shop on Etsy.

A. rainbow balloon birthday outfit B. rainbow balloon invitation C. rainbow balloon coordinating tops

D. tassle tail balloons E. arch kit F. small 10 inch balloons (great for layering) G. meri meri balloon arch kit

H. Party sign I. fabric pennants J. burlap texture colorful bunting K. tissue paper scallop bunting L. Happy Birthday sign.

M. Color block candle N. pom pom cake toppers O. Star candles P. swirly candles Q. tall color block candles R. mini balloon cake topper S. 3D number candle T. dipped candle U. mix pattern napkins V. reusable cups W. solid plates  X. mix pattern plates Y. fringe napkin Z. rainbow plate A1. solid napkins A2. striped napkins A3. mix pattern cups A4. gold foil napkins

A5. confetti hat A6. blue hat A7. guest hats A8. birthday head bands


A9. party/candy bags A10. popcorn boxes A11. food trays A12. confetti A13. surprise balls A14. streamers



We did it! 

Thanks for following along in our first complete birthday theme post. What other themes are you most interested in exploring next?


Please note, the links are affiliate links which incurs us a little commission when used. This costs no extra to you, it just helps support our small family :)